A survey on design standards of cultural artistic areas through a case study on Tehran Baq Ferdows Park

Roozbeh Zarei


As science is developing worldly and a movement toward specialization is in progress, associating with the world parameters in any field has become important especially in Architecture which is the subject of this research. Increasing the projects’ quality is among the most important issues which can be achieved only through investigation. There are a lot of valuable historical and cultural monuments in our country that due to the current needs expansion in their site has partly been inspected. But are these projects comparable with the global scale? What factors has been examined before the project starts? The goal of this study is to provide appropriate solutions to increase the quality of cultural-historical projects in Iran. Hence, by comparing the case of Tehran Baq Ferdows Park (Cinema Museum) with similar global projects, relevant advantages and disadvantages been recognized and the conclusion was drawn by investigation of the weaknesses of the project. Finally, the findings indicate that the project’s expansion was faced with some disadvantages for which we provide solutions to fix the weaknesses and to strengthen the values.