The presented article focuses on the rhythm in music and Islamic architecture, and investigates the similarities and differences between the two. Knowing the rhythm is one of the first steps of giving characters to a piece of art. Rhythm has different and effective presence in each and every one of the seven arts, so it can be said that rhythm is the start of movement, A movement in time and space.
The purpose of this research is to discover and to use rhythm in a piece of art , which finally ends in  art  products with high quality. To be more precise in the research the analysis of (Sheikh Lotfollah Isfehan mosque) has been used as an example. And in the end after the analysis many similarities between the element of rhythm in music and architecture has been found, in a way that like mathematics rhythm has precise structures in both of them and the ancient Iranian artists were aware of this. So with correct use of this in creating today’s art  we can reach the intentions of the creator of the art.