The present research is an interdisciplinary effort that has been done in the fields of architecture and music during which a basic examination has been done on the effect of texture in creation of the architectural and musical works. Furthermore, a discovery of common ideas and their effects on both kind of artistic works was another purpose of the investigation. The main question would be on how the element of texture is placed in the mentioned fields and what can be achieved in the creation of works of art by observing it? Hence, we attempt to fundamentally compare the element of texture in architecture and music and we reached to reasonable results by contemplation and analysis of the samples. This research is among the quality-analytical investigations by which the element of texture has been proved to be among the most important elements in creation of the works of art and can affect the product significantly by its proper use. According to the tendency toward micro-specialization in contemporary science, paying attention to the basic concepts can be considered very important for today achievements’. Perhaps the results of this study could be a step forward to improve the quality of artistic creation and be used to promote similar researches.