Roozbeh Zar’I was born in fall of 1987 in Tehran. When his artistic talent revealed in painting, from early ages he started to learn painting, calligraphy and music seriously. He began his musical instruction with Def and tambourine and after mastering Iranian musical instruments and rhythms he started to learn world percussion musical instruments’ including Latin, African, Indian and Middle Eastern percussion instruments. He has benefited from music masters such as: Bijan Kamkar (Def), Mohammadi Esmaili & Navid Afqah (Orchestral drum), Dr. Keyvan Pahlavan (Tambourine), Vahid Asadollahi (Azeri timbal), Ali Asqar Sadeq Manesh & Hamdi Akatay (Darboca & Rick), Isar Yavar & Masoud Hamidi (Tympan), Amin Badi’I & Ali Reza Tabatab’I (drums); Davar Shorou’I, Homayoun Nasiri, Stephan Mas, Michel Miranda (Latin percussion), Hakim Loudin (Cangira & Form drum) and etc. . He not only had self-taught many percussion instruments but also to promote his musical knowledge, he had been playing Tar and Sitar and also had passed some theoretical courses, survey on musical instruments and solfege. He has formally been teaching music since 2003 and has got an Art degree and a Teaching qualification certificate from the office of expanding art activities of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He is also a recorded artist in Iranian Music House and has collaborated numerously with radio and television networks. Zar’I has got unique style, attitude and techniques of playing percussion instruments and is among few Iranian musicians who has experienced many musical styles including: Latin, Pop, Modern, Traditional and Musical composition. He had particularly done a lot in case of the world drum forms’ and following that he has formed the percussion group of Hayahu from his students. Zare’I is one of the founders of the Rhythm Academy in Tehran who has been occupied in organizing concerts, specialty music courses, workshops and master classes. He also has developed a new training method for children and adults and has got years of professional experience with children groups. Among his executive musical experiences, his collaboration with following famous singers worth mentioning: Salar Aqili, Mohammad Motamedi, Vahid Taj, Nader Golchin, Fazel Jamshidi,, Rasoul Najafian, Roozbeh Nematollahi, Farman Fath’allian, Hajir Mehr Afrouz, Bidad and etc. and also musical groups such as: Raz o Niaz, Soroushan, Barf, the great Cuban orchestra, Nava-e Hatef, Macnun, Shahou, Harkat-e Nou, Soroush Molana and etc. . He has also participated in recording various musical albums and is currently recording his project album which first piece, named the first rain of fall has been publicly available. Zar’I has an M.A. degree in Architecture and his thesis was on the relationship between architecture and music which was performed under Professor Simon Aivazian supervision and was succeeded in getting the full score. He has also performed a lot of executive and educational activities in architecture and is among researchers and authors of scientific- interdisciplinary articles in the following fields: Rhythmology, the relationship between arts and the philosophy of art, most of which has been published in reputable national & international journals. He is also a ranking member of Young Researchers Forum who has received various awards from music and architecture festivals and also been appreciated as the artistic educated individual of 2013 from Tehran Municipality.